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For the first time on BizZone?

BizZone - an investment company based on the exchange, carrying out sports betting in the "corridors".

Dozens of our talented and virtuosic sports experts from different parts of the world regularly look for "sports corridors", conduct a preliminary analysis of events, and daily carry out the most profitable deals with double, and in some cases, with a triple win. The “corridors” strategy managed to gain a large number of sympathies from professional cappers due to the practical absence of risks with the right approach.

Company BizZone "corridors" taken as a basis. Our project accepts investment funds of users in trust management and carries out win-win transactions on large betting sites exclusively along proven “corridors”.

About us

Current interest

13.5% Open deposit

Last interests dynamic:

13.5% 11.9% 13%

The project uses a dynamic profit accrual system. The percentage of return varies several times a day from 3% to 16% , depending on the actual outcome of the rates. Analyze a number of previous charges and invest under the profit that you consider profitable at the moment.

BizZone platform allows you to withdraw profits immediately after the opening of the deposit. Deposits can be unlimited.

Show a short way to success

Rate unique investment mechanism, where the profit does not make wait and 1 second. Soon, everyone will talk about the project.


Determine for yourself the most profitable percentage.

The actual percentage of the project is on top of the site and varies depending on the actual outcome of the rates ranging from 3% to 16%.


Open a deposit in your account

Invest free cash from $1 to $1,000 with the help of a large number of payment systems presented on the site.


Less than 1 second - Instant profit

The profit is credited immediately after the opening of the deposit and is available for withdrawal without restrictions. Contribution continues to work 24 hours .


Continue to invest and make profit

After defrosting a deposit, it can also be withdrawn, or, if desired, sent to reinvest to re-receive income.

Affiliate program with career growth

You have the opportunity to earn extra, invite new users to the project. Registration link to your referral link.

Your partner status is automatically updated in your account. Each of the statuses is activated when there are amounts of profits from partners.

Each of the statuses is activated when there are certain amounts of profits from partners.Start inviting now with the status of "Standard", where the profit will be 7%-3%-1% of the amount of deposits of your partners.


7% 3% 1% от $0


9% 4% 1.5% от $5


11% 5% 2% от $20


13% 6% 2.5% от $60
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